Working At Home Guide April 2020

So you’re stuck at home unable to work and worrying about paying the mortgage and food bills?

We could be in lockdown for 3 months !  Some experts have even suggested it will be 2 years before anything approaching normality comes back.

In 2019 continuing to 2020 some major high street chain stores went to the wall. The internet shopping boom has really chisled into their profits. Why would anyone traipse around town or even the shopping malls, when you can simply order online.

Previously unimaginable things have happened. The Travel industry and the Airports and Airlines have been brought sharply into severe debt, no customers equals no profit. So Pilots and Aircrew, Airport groundstaff through to travel agents plus all the Hoteliers and their suppliers are all facing huge layoffs, a very uncertain future indeed.

If you are employed,  when its safe to go back to work – will there be any customers ?  Will your employers business survive?  Will you get laid off work?

If like me you are self employed , leads now dried up, wife’s income also dependent on your business and the government help is 3 months down the line. 

I don’t think there is much doubt, there is a recession coming.

In such times its nice to have a plan B

Basically I advise that you do one of these (or both)

  1. Make yourself  more valuable to your employer – learn a new skill
  2. Set up an online money making venture

In other words Invest in Yourself with education.


Learn a New Skill

There are some excellent and not expensive on-line courses to be found, with good solid tuition and many examples and workbooks available . Search Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Futurelearn, OpenUniversity and Google Learn a computer skill, get a qualification or certification – a bookkeeping skill, a programming language, Web Design, Image and Video Editing.

Sites like Upwork , Fiverr, Freelancer and many others need people with all levels of skills to fulfil work from the ever increasing Website building communities. 

Here’s one to consider….  many Ad agencies have offers to promote – which is fairly easy work – but looking around these offers, they pay WAY more to promote in other languages, for example Spanish, click here to find out

Run an Online Shop

An alternative source of income, not dependent on your daytime job. Something that continues 24/7 if possible and independent of location – so any future problem in one country cannot affect your diversified income. 

Does such a thing exist – Yes

You CAN make money online, the audience is absolutely everyone online, in the WORLD – so you are never going to run out of customers and what you sell is up to you. It can either be cheap but useful, or very detailed large and expensive, as long as there is a demand. There are many ways to achieve this, the most popular are:

Drop Shipping

Print on Demand

FBA shop on Amazon

Full Shopify Shop Online

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is my own top recommendation for an online income. Completely location independent. Works 24/7. Do the work one time, get paid every month. Check out my Affiliate Marketing Section

Provide an Online Service

If you have existing skills, you can market them to a thriving audience, without having to market them, advertise or write countless letters to prospective employers. 

Try Fiverr or any of these freelancing sites. Many experienced freelancers make $100000/year  or more, just doing Gigs