Which Products to Promote as an Affiliate

So far we have discussed the business basics, the mechanics of how you get a website up, the online real estate, from which you will attract your customers and earn your commissions or sales

What to Sell

So far we have discussed the business basics, the mechanics of how you get a website up, the online real estate, from which you will attract your customers and earn your commissions or sales

What will you sell?

Think about this, if you are a athlete, equally good at rowing and Football, would you rather play Football for a mega rich salary, or would you go for Rowing where you may get recognition – Olympics etc. but week to week , its not going to earn you anything.

It’s the same with products, selling one big kitchen appliance might earn you 10% commission around $50. 

Selling books at 10$ the same commission rate would earn you $1, so you would have to sell 50 books to earn the same.

So don’t waste your time with low ticket items!

Physical Goods

Physical goods are generally only going to get you a 4 to 10% commission. On the plus side, you could be an affiliate ( associate ) for Amazon. The great advantage is Amazon is so big , almost everyone has an Amazon account, its so trusted and easy to buy from, that it is very easy to set up your Amazon affiliate website, most of the work is actually done for you…. by Amazon.  If you put up a number of Amazon Affiliate sites, in different niches you could soon be earning quite a reasonable  amount. 

However look what happened in May 2020. Amazon decided to lower the commissions paid to Affiliates. Suddenly your income would have halved in certain niches. So to avoid this make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

One of the most common ways to promote goods is to create a comparison or review site. Lets say you saw a new vacuum cleaner was being advertised on TV or on a shopping channel ( a great resource for doing research on products by the way ) you could collect details of the top 10 models and start a blog on “the best 10 vacuum cleaners”.

Amazon provides a lot of details, the rest you could get from other reviews and of course the manufacturers website. Get some customer feedback and some images of the unit in action and away you go.

While we are discussing Amazon, their FBA Fulfilled By Amazon is worth a mention.  The main advantage of FBA over an online Shop is Amazons website. When you are selling products through Amazon you don’t have to drive customers to it, Amazons website is so huge , its own traffic is going to be your customers! All you do is stock your product in Amazons distribution depots. They take care of everything else.

Digital Products

Most Digital Products are “info products” and Software

Both are great for us to promote. Some though are a bit scammy. If you saw ” Lose 50lbs weight in just 3 days” you would be a little sceptical, right? Always be particular when choosing which one to promote. If you become known to sell rubbish, you won’t get any repeat customers. That is a big deal because selling to an existing customer is a LOT easier than trying to get a NEW customer.

The Best Commissions

Do not just jump in with the first offer you find. You might find that same item on another website, offering a much better commission. You can often find a  manufacturers own affiliate system, simply by Googling for it, for example Google ‘ xyz company “affiliate program”.’

Or, like this example Zoro.com their home page has an index at the  bottom and there is the affiliate program.

Affiliates Help Resources

One of the things that beginners struggle with is how to design their website pages to promote the products.

Good Offers sometimes come with a resources page. Lists of banners  to use to promote goods or services, Email swipes, so once the visitor is signed up to receive your marketing emails, you can send the swipes , which are usually designed by experts and tested to convert into sales at a high percentage, Images and Videos are often also available. 

Many  digital type products on the Clickbank website have VSL  ( video sales letters ) and extensive help file available. After all, if you make commissions, they also make money so why wouldn’t they help you?  When making the choice of which product to promote , carefully study what resources are available, it will save you a lot of time and make much better conversions (sales) due to their extensive testing.

The Ultimate List of Affiliate Products

Check out the List below, these are some of the many Affiliate Offers available, both in Physical Goods and Digital Products forms where you can search for exactly the right one for you. Some you will have to sign up for, others like OfferVault are open access.  … Absolute Gold ! 



Affiliate Window (AWin) 

Commission Junction

Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com





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