Work From Home and Sell to the World

Work From Home and Sell to the World

Updated Feb 2022

Sounds ambitious? Many people now work from home, making a great living by selling whatever is in great demand, to a worldwide audience.

Hi, I’m Andrew, I’ve done it and you can too!

Not only selling goods but information too. In the good old days, you had to take a big risk, buying a shop, filling it with goods, advertising and hoping customers would come and buy. 

I’ve done that too, sunk all my savings into a store, it did ok, but my online sites earn way more than any brick and mortar store ever could.

Everything You Need is Here

What You Need to Start Earning Online

It sounds too simple but its true, you need a website, good hosting, a Plan to put together great content, which you will need to research. And last but not least an audience or “hungry crowd” to sell to.

All the resources and knowledge is here for free on my website. So get going now!

work from home selling goods to the whole world

 Established Retail is in Turmoil

The Covid pandemic is a terrible thing, but in closing so many High Street stores, it tips the balance in favor of the online stores, currently enjoying a bonanza of sales.

Covid and its mutations will be with us for a long time to come. Once the disruptions have died down and selling returns to a new ‘normal’, many new online enterprises will have been established and will be making good progress – make sure you are one of them.

Now you can open an online shop for virtually nothing, selling ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. If it doesn’t work, just start again, overnight.

There has never been such a huge opportunity, to make a good business, with so little risk.

Online Stores and Businesses are Location Independent

Not only that but as your ‘store’ is online, it is location independent. You can live in Malaysia, Australia, Texas ….. anywhere.

No longer do you need expensive High Street premises to succeed in Sales.

Work from home can even include moving around in a campervan ( RV ), visiting places on holiday, which I’ve done in the past.

Advertising and Social Media

Used correctly social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest etc can help you spread the word. Advertising can be targeted precisely at ONLY your most likely prospects. 

Ever wondered why Ads seem to pop up and follow you around the net? You’re browsing the internet and suddenly an Ad for something you Googled this morning pops up. Why?

Advertisers know so much about us from our Social Media profiles together with ‘Cookies’ we consent to. From these advertisers are able to ‘retarget’ us knowing it may be something we are interested in.

 Learn all these techniques and make your own very profitable Ad campaigns. 

AutomatedStores with Minimal Staff Costs

Best of all, you can totally automate a lot of the processes that used to take people to operate. Credit card payments are universal, software is cheaply available that displays your products best features. There is no need to stock actual products when you can drop-ship them. You can create a YouTube channel to demonstrate things better than you can in person, as you can compress time, for instance ” and here’s how strong the glue bonds after an hour, I can hang this 100 pound weight from it…. “

work from home selling goods with automatic processes


In 2022…

Roughly half the world’s population will have access to the internet via their smartphone!

That is now over 4 Billion potential customers!

 The Best Ever Opportunity is NOW

In all of human history, I don’t think there has ever been a better time or more great opportunity to launch a new enterprise.

I had my first success after seeing a Kitchen product on a shopping channel, I built a website promoting these and selling through Amazon as an affiliate. After just 3 months, it was earning £500 ( nearly $700 ) a month in my bank account. That’s with NO experience and following a YouTube video on how to build a website.

I have since built many websites and earned a full-time living for over a decade with them. Follow the articles here on my site to learn how to set up your own site and earn a living online, join the work from home entrepreneurs.

May I wish you every success, 


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I changed to this site in August 2021, with the  ‘.com ‘ Domain to attract a wider audience and to include building multiple income stream businesses.