Successful Internet Marketing Method Examples

Here is a successful internet marketing method example, which is easy to follow, with some pro tips, from which I make a living online. Its basically how I do  it, it works well and once set up, it will make you money for a long time with the minimum of effort each week.

All the elements – Traffic – Website – monitisation , have been chosen with least cost in mind free if possible.

Learn the method and build up a portfolio of money generating sites. 

  • Use free Pinterest Pins to drive traffic to  your site
  • Build your website using Elementor
  • Monetize your site with Offers from Clickbank

This article is an overview, to get full details on each section just follow the links.


Pinterest is a visual basic search engine and not as many think,  social media in the same way Facebook is. 

Pins that you pin on Pinterest will drive you traffic for week, months even for years. Try that on Facebook! 

It is heavily female led, so  things that do well are usually Female subjects, though “make money” is also very popular. 

It is predominently US traffic, so it converts well.

More sales/visitor than any other traffic method

If your niche is male oriented, like say boxing or aircraft repairs, try a different platform. 

Check out my guide to Pinterest marketing “Pinterest Traffic Strategy


Why Elementor, its free, works well, is well supported, bugs are ironed out. It can be used to make fabulous landing pages, optin pages, there are a plethora of widgets. I have never been stuck, there is always a way to produce a great page , without even using the pro features.

Use a Landing Page

Using direct linking ie putting a link to your offer  on a FB page is definitely out! You will be banned immediately, losing all data you have in that account.  You must use a LP ( landing Page) . In click through terms, a bridge or landing page will win hands down every time anyway,  I don’t know why so many people even try direct links any more. 


Many ways to do this. Google Adsense, Affiliate Offers, Amazon…..

Always build at least one optin page. Once you have an email list, you can market new offers weekly, even daily to the list.  If the page is purely informational rather than product promotion, you could just use Google Adsense. Note that other ad providers will become available when your page is attracting more visitors, players like MediaVine and Ezoic make far  more money but are more hands-on and demand higher traffic levels and usually USA based sites.

When you promote ‘things’ for example if you have a cookery site you could promote food blenders , then Amazon is easy. All the info you need is on the Amazon pages. The commission since the last update is poor  though, some products attracting only 3% comm rates. 

If you’re promoting a ‘how to’ niche, like this article  for example. Clickbank, Digistore24 and others will provide thousands of offers suitable for a niche. For a list of Offers go here. CB in particular has Affiliate Pages, with Banners, Email swipes, Checkout pages and more , for nearly all offers, so you don’t have to find all this information for yourself.   In the image below you can see the link to the Affliate page, the payout and the Gravity ( roughly the number of Affiliates promoting this offer and making sales in the last few weeks) . These are all important numbers to consider when choosing an offer.

Don’t start from Scratch. Where there are Affiliates, you can usually find their successful ads and landing pages. On FB  you can actually see all the ads that others are using on FB pages. Spy tools like visto or AdSpy will give you loads of info on whats  working now, so you can model (not copy ) your own pages on those.  

Use a tracker

Bemob is free , easy to use and enables you to build say 4 landing pages for an offer and auto rotate them to see which works best.  In this way you can easily get the conversion or click through rates up to max, quickly.


Here your Ad or  Pinterest pin has a link directly to the offer on Amazon or Clickbank  for example , but if they don’t buy, it’s a total loss

Here your Pin has a link to a Landing Page with an email optin. Now you can collect the visitors email , show more  information on the LP  and send the offer again , then if they still don’t buy, email them further offers related to the niche.

By Using a Tracker You can maximise results