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Not just a course. Not just a YouTube channel. Anastasia Gutnikova is one of the foremost experts on driving Pinterest traffic.

The most-read blog, most researched Utube channel, and the MOST up-to-date information on the many changes at in 2021

If you want laser-targeted visitors to your web offers, the “customers ready to spend” sort of traffic …. let Anastasia guide you, with the latest Pinterest information available. When you purchase her course you get all the subsequent updates too! 

Sure, there are lots of free courses to help you start with Pinterest. But do you really want to risk the success of your new business on ‘free’.  I’ve taken every free course I could find …. over 15 !  Most had sketchy advice in places, advice you could only apply to a few types of business and ALL had big holes in the information given or had really OUT-OF DATE techniques that worked last year or before the latest Pinterest algorithm changes. 

Got Enough Traffic?

How in 2021, with all the competition on the web, are you going to get visitors to your website?


are getting so expensive, unless you are selling products over $200, it’s going to be unsustainable unless you are an expert and can find the right Ad almost straight away. 


Getting a result in the search engine top 10 is almost impossible for most popular keywords. Usually it can take a new blog a year to start making the top 10 and getting sales


is like the wild west. They take the law into their own hands. Public posts no longer show up, or are very short lived, so are less than useless for promotion. FB Ads are very expensive and advertisers risk their accounts being closed for no reason


posts just don’t last beyond a few hours. The only link allowed is in your Bio. Paid ads are the only way to get click throughs

the answer is Pinterest ! 

  • Most Pinterest users are in the USA, the best market around
  • 70% of users are women- who make buying decisions in the home
  • Pinterest average purchase value is MASSIVE compared to FB or Google traffic
  • Pinterest is a search engine. People use it to research PRODUCTS
  • 80% of users are on MOBILE devices


Pinterest Gets Sales

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, CPA marketer, a Store owner, a drop-shipper, a Blogger, a Book shop, an Etsy Goods Store or a Course writer – Pinterest CAN and DOES drive massive amounts of  targeted traffic to all sorts of enterprises: 

  • Faster than any other method
  • with Longer Lasting posts than any other media
  • For Free
  • With much less effort than any other method
  • Works even if you have a NEW blog with no reputation

SEO FOR PINTEREST the Course by Experts

If you know how to rank your Pinterest pins, you are halfway there. People searching for products will  see YOUR pins and click through to YOUR website

Armed with the SEO Secrets course, you will be able to 10X your results, making sure your PINS always comply with the Pinterest rules, fully use the current PIN content and appear for all the right search terms. 

In time most courses become useless. Algorithm changes knock out the current ways of doing things….. not so with Anastasia’s course as you will continue to get all the updates as changes occur!

After boosting the traffic using Pinterest traffic using techniques from Anastasia’s  Pinterest SEO Traffic Course, Kara (Dollar Mommy Blog)  was able to jump quickly to 2million visitors a month and could then successfully apply for other ad placement deals like Mediavine, which tripled her ad income overnight.

Although I knew Pinterest is a common strategy for boosting traffic. I just wasn’t totally sure how to go about it and what all of the best practices are to really maximize the platform’s impact. Your course was VERY helpful and I’m just so grateful to you.

In only 4 months of operation, I have already been approved for Mediavine ads and am getting more than 3 million monthly page views on Pinterest. Incredible!

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