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Within minutes you are learning to make Conversation

If school was a long time ago and the thought of studying a formal Spanish course at the local college as a mature student, terrifies you.

If you struggle to understand spoken Spanish, but you would like to join in the conversation, Synergy-Spanish is the method for you.

Hi I am Marcus Santamaria, I’m originally an English teacher and many years ago I found myself teaching English to Spanish students, in Mexico. With no Spanish language, I found it very hard going and I had to learn Spanish in a hurry. 

All the available courses were too formal, I needed a quick way to  communicate with my students, with real conversational Spanish. 

I  discovered the patterns within the Spanish language were easy to learn and once I had a core of important words, I became fluent in Spanish in a very short time

I am now a very successful and respected language teacher and I would like to teach you Synergy Spanish. 

Forget the formal methods usually taught in traditional books and schools, it actually gets in the way of learning Spanish quickly. My simple formula gives  you the confidence to speak freely with local Spanish people.

Once you  train yourself to work the “Synergy” way,  you and your Spanish friends will be amazed at how well you can communicate in Spanish.

The 5 Modules of the Synergy-Spanish Course

With each module you will learn more words and be able to talk about more topics, with confidence

  1. Talk about yourself
  2. Multiply your Dialog and Conversation Skills
  3. Talk about what you are doing , as a group
  4. Be able to speak to different groups
  5. Round out the course

What our students say about Synergy Spanish

Hola! I have over the last 3 years attended 3 night school classes to learn this beautiful language. After which I still couldn’t string a sentence together. I am amazed at how simple you have made this and I can now communicate with the Spanish folk in the town in Orihuela Costa where I am planning to spend my retirement.
Jan Woodhouse
Middlesex UK
Dear Sr. Santamaria, I am just on the third CD of Synergy Spanish, but it’s made an enormous difference in my ability to communicate to the parents of my students, many of whom don’t speak English. Your teaching methods are extraordinarily effective, and I’ve tried many of them.
Jamie Roberts
Philadelphia PA
I have been very pleased with the progress I’ve made using Synergy Spanish. We are English ex-pats who moved to Spain, and have been trying to learn the language, seriously, for 4 years. However, in our 60’s learning a new language has been daunting. But we are making real progress now, thanks to your course. Thanks for Synergy Spanish which really is making a big difference to our confidence in talking to people in our adopted country.
Steve & Mair Harper

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