The Best Keyword Tools Free, Freemium and Paid

Keywords, key phrases, and topics are the basis of writing articles for your blog. Finding relevant keywords for your blog,  that have some search volume, is an everyday task for the blogger.

Here is a list of the Keyword tools that I have found to be useful. For the newbies in the blogosphere who don’t yet have any income from blogging, I have included the best of the free tools.  To make it simpler to search  through, I have color-coded each tool entry





Google Keyword Tool

Free. easy access, no limits. Just signup for an ad account and you have access to Keyword Planner, You can export keyword lists to excel or Google sheets in csv format. Volume figures refer to CPC ie paid ads not to organic search, but none the less very useful. 

PROs : 

  • uses Googles own database

CONs :

  • Doesn’t have a keyword difficulty score
  • Search Volume given as a range, not a figure


Free ( Paid Version available ) Neil Patels site for research. Sign up for free account, enough daily searches for beginners. Thorough reporting system which would serve affiliates and marketers well to intermediate level and beyond



The Current King of Keyword Tools

This is a PAID tool, comprehensive statistics, probably having the biggest database, so the most useful of all keyword  tools. Referred to by many YouTubers and bloggers as their reference for statistics.

Extensive filtering makes it very useful for finding niche ideas and keywords.

Its “ranking difficulty” figure is very useful for beginners.  Quite expensive but there is a limited free tool available as a chrome plugin


Keyword Sheeter

This really is a Bare-Bones App.

No stats, keyword difficulty, or just hundreds of related keywords, which you can then enter in Google keyword planner or Ubersuggest. The results are pulled from Google autosuggest – the list that appears as you type a query into Google. 

Great tool if you have lots of time to play with spreadsheets.



Major league Paid Tool at a fairly reasonable price ( compared to AHRefs ) very flexible reporting


Moz Bar

Very Useful chrome extension Keyword  Tool which shows vital website metrics for SEO decisions DA Domain Authority, DA trend, Spam Score, Referring Domains, Total links


Highly Recommended and Great Value


Keywords Everywhere

Not Free but damn nearly. Pricing is $10 for 10000 credits ( 1 credit per search )  so – no monthly commitment and credits are only used when you are actually searching. 

The tool can be easily switched on and off with the K Icon in your search bar. Absolutely perfect especially for beginners not able to fork out huge month subscriptions for these tools, KE provides vital statistics for a specific geo, search volume, SEO difficulty (on and off page), and Trends


KW Everywhere LINK


KW Finder - Mangools

Very Competent Paid Tool at a reasonable price, recommended for experienced marketers, with more limited budgets.


  • 500/day
  • Unlimtd competitor KW / search
  • 500 SERP lookups / day
  • 700 Tracked Keywords


  • 700/ day.
  • Unlimtd competitor KW / search
  • 1200 SERP lookups / day
  • 1500 Tracked Keywords

Answer the Public

A weird site ! But quite useful, hundreds of title suggestions for posts . Free  version has very limited number of searches per day ( three)

A similar site on a FREE basis try Answer Socrates, below…

Answer The Public LINK


Answer Socrates

Completely FREE suggestion tool, presented in logical sections, just putting in a seed keyword or phrase can bring up many great titles and topics, ideal for beginners and experts alike.



Free Bing and Google database Tool shows volume CPC and competition. Sadly the results are limited to the top 25 searches only, it will email your 25 keywords, but only the expensive paid solution gives all the results.

WordStream LINK


Keyword Surfer

Free Chrome Browser extension, shows volume and similarity to seed keyword, can export 20 keywords  to CSV , so it is useful but very limited

To install simply go to Chrome Extensions


Keyword Researcher Pro

Automated Google autosuggest tool with many useful additions. Al for a ONE TIME low price.

They make it easy to import or export from or to many different sources to do additional research.

This tool has been available for a long time, as the main method of using Google Autosuggest, follows Googles guidelines perfectly.

This latest version should be useful to all affiliate marketers and bloggers especially beginners where Keyword selection is vital.

Highly Recommended and Great Value


Triple License

$37/One Time
  • Install on 3 computers
  • Windows software


For full information on this great Keyword Research tool 

Click Here



Searches Reddit for related sub-reddits, useful starting point if you’re not an expert. I am not a user of reddit so this is based on the experience of others. I found it difficult to use, but if you’re a reader of Reddit …. try it out. You first start typing in your keyword seed and wait for the autosuggest to come up with Reddit articles

KeywordDit Link

Sheer SEO

Sheer SEO is many tools in one , includes a Keyword Explorer, also – Rank Tracker, SEO auditor, Directory Submitter, Backlink Analyzer and more .


  • 200 Keywords
  • Traffic Estimation
  • 2000 pages crawled per month
  • 10 Explorer Reports


  • 400 Keywords
  • Traffic Estimation
  • 10000 pages crawled per month
  • 20 Explorer Reports

There are many more tools and pagebuilders including : 

10 minute funnels
Lead Plus X for WP

Which will be appearing in my reviews in the near future.


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