How to Use This Website to Make Big Bucks

If you’re the sort of person that has great ideas…. but don’t know how to promote it and actually make money from it, this site is for you.

Years ago, I used to travel around Yorkshire towns giving one to one computer tuition, I enjoyed the buzz that newcomers got from being able to set up a website and make it work. This site will certainly help you do that. Now I make way more income, just blogging from home ( or anywhere else that I land )

Build a Website

You can get online with your own website too. The process of site-building is less complex than it was when I started, but there are a few new things that you must address: for security and privacy – public sites have to adhere to privacy laws that may be different in your area or country.

I have aimed the website at people who don’t have any significant capital to invest in a new business. So if that is you, I will show you ways to get around spending ( and risking ) large amounts of your money.

Don’t Trade Time for Money

Throughout the articles on my site, I have given advice that avoids the biggest hurdle to making wealth – Trading your time for money. It is the “treadmill” that most people find themselves on, with a JOB.

If you are good at say cutting hair, or replacing tires, or making iced coffee – you will quickly realize that there is a ceiling to your income, there is simply no way to cut any more hair in a day, no way to replace more tires in a day, you get the idea.

Instead, use the book or record model: write and publish a book or pop song. Sales of the book or record go on all over the world 24/7. It is irrelevant whether you are there selling, or even awake. The idea of making money while you sleep must make you think!

Create Streams of Income

A website can be your 24/7 sales machine. In fact once it’s set up properly and is earning revenue, you can go on to create another and another until you have….” Multiple Streams of Income ”. This explains the title of my site.

Endless Opportunities in Different Niches

There is no limit to the subjects you can cover on a website or blog. You may have heard the advice “blog about what you have an interest in”. Well ok, start with something you know well, but don’t let it limit future projects.

A couple of things to avoid, pretty obviously are short-lived trends like fidget spinners and if possible avoid seasonal subjects like snowboards. Your chosen products should ideally be evergreen, ie. things that last a long time and are always useful, like accounting software, all businesses use these and continue to use them each month. You might be interested in Scandinavian Knitting, but it would not have a big-enough audience to be profitable, so pick a bigger niche.

Your Audience or Website Visitors

You would be well advised to market your products where the biggest audience is. The US is THE major market for most goods and digital products. Closely followed by Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. If you can cross the language barriers, you may be able to use European countries, avoid Middle Eastern and African countries in general as these require special expertise.

Once you get into actually writing blog posts, there will come a point where you constantly think of new projects and ideas.  When your first project starts to earn you will start to outsource the work, building a team, leaving you free to manage and to organize future posts and projects.

How to make money from writing a blog

I will fully cover these in more detail in later blog posts, there are 3 main ways:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads
  • Courses

Think about your own purchases.

First, you have a problem to solve, let’s say you don’t like instant coffee, you would like a nice brewed cup of coffee in the morning. You see an Ad or maybe see a coffee machine in a friend’s house. You Google “coffee machine” and discover there are many different sorts of coffee machines, so you do some research and you decide you want a Bean-to-Cup type all in one machine. Now you go to Amazon and find the price range, that throws up a choice of three, so you search Google again for reviews of these machines and make up your mind which to buy.

That is called the buying cycle.

Where in the buying cycle is the best place to sell machines?

Is it your own Coffee Machine Store Online? No, you’ll never compete with Amazon.

Is it your own review of the Nespresso model 123 online? Maybe but these review sites work much less well today than they did 10 years ago.

Creating Value is the Key

The best approach is to be HELPFUL. In this particular case, I would go for a YouTube video, as making coffee is best seen on video. Make a video explaining everything about brewing coffee, which machines are the best, and why. Compare coffee machines – which is the best VALUE.

If my product was software, a blog post would work best. It would describe the benefits, features, and prices. I could incorporate screenshots or screen video captures to demo each feature. Finally, I could offer a bonus for my buyers, perhaps an ebook showing how to do certain tasks with the software. Provide a buying link ( affiliate link ) so your visitors can buy and you get the commission.

How To Profit from Blogging

The basis of making a good living from blogging is:

  • Provide VALUE by HELPING your visitors fulfil their NEEDS
  • Market to a BIG Audience ie it is SCALABLE
  • Commitment

You need to be committed to your blogging work,  just dabbling will not make it pay. You need to post regularly to build an audience. If you build a weak blog, it is also open for others to steal your ideas and do a better job. Competition is good in that it proves that the niche is viable, but you will have to do a good job.

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