How to Learn Internet Marketing

Learning Internet Marketing is a huge subject. There are many courses available, mostly video-based. But what if you have questions? The best way to learn is from someone who has done it themselves, they can answer your questions.

Very few courses or mentors will cover everything and it is always better to go a mile deep into a subject than just cover the basics.

Let’s break it  down a little, into the main types of Internet marketing that you are likely to go into, to create a business

Choose Your Method

Internet Marketing is HUGE, people make a living in so many different ways, here is a list of just a few of the most popular ones. 

The approach to each of these is totally different. So do some research before you make a choice.

Some are easier than others, all of them require WORK , there is no magic button or magic software that automates everything. Whatever method suits you, you will always be better off long-term than someone with a JOB, who is basically trading time for money.

The Internet is still growing very rapidly buyers are changing from town center shopping to Online shopping. The trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future, so how can you make money with IM today?

With IM, you do a whole lot of work to get it going but then it will pay you back over weeks, months or even for years, with just a few updates, new products, or special offers, which might only take a few hours a month.

Aim for Passive Income

Imagine, when you reach the point where you have over 1000 visitors a day on your site, a percentage will convert into sales and as you have made the buying process automatic, you may be on holiday or traveling the world, whilst enjoying a stable and constant income.

How do you learn how to do that?

You can….

  • Find  a Mentor
  • Buy a Course
  • Join a Club
  • Muddle through

Find a Mentor

Internet Marketing Courses

The best way is to find someone who has already done it, to teach you. As with many things experience counts for a lot. If I was learning to build a boat, placing bets on Football or Horse racing, rewiring my house or anything else that required expertise, I would look for an experienced person to guide me.

By using this guidance  I would avoid my boat sinking, losing all my money backing the wrong horse, or electrocuting myself!  At the very least I would expect the advice given to save me months of learning the hard way.

Although it’s undoubtedly the best way, One to One tuition will be very expensive.

If you are motivated enough to search for information, yes you will find it,  it is all there on the net, just ask Google the right questions!  But even if you manage to find a good system, how do you know that it’s the best one for YOU?

With a mentor, you’ll need to check that you can get tuition on your choice of project AND at a level that will advance your knowledge. I have more advice on mentoring here for the most popular ones.

Take a Marketing course or Join a Club

There are some awesome courses out there.

But there are also those that have massive volume but little substance. Do you want to spend weeks learning some website basics that you could get from any hosting company site for free in minutes?

Time or Money

Finding the most effective system can be hard. Not everyone has money to invest in their business, so a system that allows you to build it up using your time might suit you better than getting into debt. If you have money available you can launch quickly using Advertising, if not you will have to build slowly, creating good solid content that Search Engines like Google will  Rank high and then serve to your potential audience.

Search Engine Traffic is genuinely the best, work done creating pages and sites now, can bring you, visitors, for weeks, months, and even years to come. Without doing any further work!  But it takes a long time to write, publish, and especially to rank. 

Muddle Through

Is this really an option?

True there are many websites out there with good information, there are many Guru channels on YouTube. But which will give you the goods and which will simply sell you their own course good or bad?

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