How to get Googles Attention using Tables to display data

Google Loves Data !

Google is a computer program. Data is its currency, it can understand data. Humans use Tables to display and understand complex data structures and relationships.

So it’s a great match – if you use data tables in your blog post, it will communicate very easily with Google.

Relevant Data

Finding something that your readers struggle with, and creating a unique source that HELPS your readers. 

One example would be Caravan Kerb Weights. Often the choice of caravan to buy will be restricted  by the kerb weight, it might be an insurance legal requirement in your country to keep it below a certain figure, depending on your towing vehicle. If your reader is wanting to buy one, he has to look up the data on every Caravan he is looking to buy, which would take a long time,  so your website’s table of weights is going to save him a lot of effort.

Another example would be a news site, or Holiday Booking site might need the latest Covid restrictions in Table form to assist holidaymakers to get Covid tests in time for their flights. 

Full Demo Example

Here is an example and the complete solution from start to finish. 

Example: Display the tuning data to enable viewers to tune in to the satellite channel they want. 

Problem: Websites exist that show the necessary settings, such as or  These are great sites for satellite installers who need and understand all the parameters and show complete details, but for the viewer, it’s overkill and shows data in a confusing overcomplicated form, including things that are way beyond the needs of the average TV viewer. They don’t need the footprint link or the beam details or the PID , Audio Ids or DVB  type. Once the dish installer has done his work, none of this matters, all that is required is 

  1. Frequency of your channel
  2. Symbol Rate
  3. Polarisation

With those 3, the viewer can set up the channel, and in the future, change the parameters if the channel is moved. 

Step 1: Create a table.

 For this, I’ve used the most common WordPress Plugin for tables, TablePress. 

Download this and install it in your WP admin. Activate the plugin. Go to the new Tablepress item in your  sidebar and add_new_table 

Step 2: Find the data, copy and paste to notepad

The layout on the original website is  far from ideal, so depending on your level of skill with Google sheets or Excel, either read the table and create your own new excel table by writing it out in full, or follow the guide below, to edit the data from the original, into the form you need. 

In notepad, it looks like this

Hot Bird 13C 11240.00 V 2 HB9 Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 EUTELSAT-RMB, 38.0 Mb/s 318 200 KingOfSat charts update form
Name Country Category Packages Encryption SID VPID Audio PMT PCR TXT Last updated
Novy Mir Russia Entertainment Harmonic Clear 13930 512 4112 rus 256 512 2019-07-03 +
13.0°E 2Hot Bird 13B 11565.00 H 153 HB8 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 29900 3/4 GCF/EHB13B_153, 65.1 Mb/s 318 15300 KingOfSat charts update form
Belarus 24 HD Belarus News GLOBECAST Clear 800 810 820 rus 800 810 2018-10-31 +
Radio Belarus International GLOBECAST Clear 810 830 rus 840 830 2018-11-01
13.0°E 1Hot Bird 13E 11585.00 V 154 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 5/6 68.2 Mb/s 318 15400 KingOfSat charts update form
CGTN Russia Russia General CCTV Clear 876 517 700 rus 262 517 2021-10-23 +
13.0°E 1Hot Bird 13B 11727.00 V 50 HB8 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 29900 3/4 GCF/EHB13B_50, 65.1 Mb/s 318 5000 KingOfSat charts update form
Pobeda TV Russia General Harmonic Clear 13103 1030 1031 rus 103 1030 2020-06-07 +
13.0°E 1Hot Bird 13B 12303.00 V 80 HB8 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 59.9 Mb/s 318 8000 KingOfSat charts update form
Life TV United Kingdom Lifestyle Clear 802 8002 8102 rus 1802 8002 2019-02-13 +
13.0°E 1Hot Bird 13E 12520.00 V 90 Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 27500 5/6 STN Network, 44.4 Mb/s 318 9000 KingOfSat charts update form
Name Country Category Packages Encryption SID VPID Audio PMT PCR TXT Last updated
BogBlagTV U.S.A. Religious STN Clear 9010 1101 1102 rus 910 8190 2021-06-24 +
13.0°E 2Hot Bird 13E 12596.00 V 94 Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 Globecast, 38.0 Mb/s 318 9400 KingOfSat charts update form
Perviy Kanal Romania Russia General Globecast Clear 8208 167 108 rus 1031 167 2018-08-12 +
ORT International (Perviy kanal Vsemirnaja set)
Russia General Globecast Clear 8293 2301 2311 rus 1033 2301 2016-09-01 +

The purpose of the notepad stage is to eliminate the links within the table, which are otherwise difficult to deal with.

Another very useful tool is the Chrome extension “CopyTables”, this can be helpful if the method described with Notepad results in a table that is too complex.

Step 3: Use a SpreadSheet

Paste this into Excel or Google Sheets and start editing out the unnecessary details.

I have highlighted the headers in yellow to make them easier to recognize.

These contain the 3 details we need to extract frequency, symbol rate and polarity ( ringed in red below)

Complex Multiple Tables within a Table

Step 4: Delete surplus data

Delete columns J to O

Step 5: Copy the header information  

Duplicate the header info, which has our valuable information in it, to new columns and for every channel.

Copy Each Header into New Columns J to P

Step 6: Delete surplus columns  

Delete all the columns L to O in the last step, which contain only surplus information, leaving the main columns that we will be using.

Delete all the ROWS with headers in yellow

Step 7: Tidy up

Tidy up remaining unnecessary columns and rows

Delete the Headers
Finally Delete Columns C to I and Radio Channels

Step 8: Collate and Save

Finally we have the valuable parts of the table. 

Export these by simply saving them as a CSV file. Note the number of columns (4) and rows (9), which includes the headers 

Use these to define the table in TablePress.  After clicking “Create Table” you will see the shortcode 

table id=8 

this is how to display the table in your webpage. 

Import the csv file table file into the new TablePress table

Step 9: Display

Tidy up the Data, decide on how to display ( it can be multi-page if required ), enter the shortcode in your page and that’s it. 

You now have a table, which helps your readers, and which Google can read with ease.  Users can search the table and re-order by any parameter. Keep the data up to date over time, in Excel – reimport it into your table and email it out to your email list, all of which will help to increase your authority within the niche.

Novy Mir11240V27500 3/4
Belarus 24 HD11566H29901 3/4
CGTN Russia11585V27500 5/6
Pobeda TV11727V29900 3/4
Life TV12303V27500 3/4
BogBlagTV12520V27500 5/6
Perviy Kanal Romania12596V27500 3/4
Perviy kanal Vsemirnaja set12596V27500 3/4