How to Find the best Affiliate Marketing Offers

Having chosen your niche, built your website and written some articles of interest, you will now need to focus on finding affiliate marketing offers that will earn you commissions going forward

How to find them?

Here is a short-list of the easiest affiliate programs, to help you get going,  you can reorder the categories to make it easier to use for your own niche, just click the links to sign up.

Manufacturers and Large Stores run their own affiliate programs and its usually easy to find these with a Google search like ” Store xyz Affiliate Program ” . You will soon become familiar with these as there are only a few  Affiliate Program Softwares available, some examples are Tipalti, Tapfiliate,  Affise and PartnerStack.

Offer SiteCategorySign Up LinkCPA/AffilSignUp Process
OfferVaultNetwork Lister REGISTER HERE AFFFREE
CJ AffiliatesServices AFFFREE
Affiliate WindowGoods & Services Affiliate WinAFF $5 fee
ShareASaleGoodsnow part of Affiliate Window AFFFREE
Amazon USGoodsAmazon US
Amazon Uk GoodsAmazon UKAFFFREE
ClickbankServicesClickbank AFFFREE
JVZooSoftwareJVZoo Register AFFAPPLY FORM
Warrior PlusSoftwareWarriorPlus AccountAFFAPPLY FORM
ODiggerNetwork ListerOdiggerAFFFREE
Affiliate Marketing Offers on OfferVault


A good place to start is , here a huge range of offers are shown, together with their networks, payout, restrictions and other valuable information.  You can order the lists using any parameter making it easy to see the best offer in a category of interest. 

OfferVault is also a good place to start finding new networks and has the necessary signup links with each network. OfferVault has both Affiliate and CPA offers.


Another similar site that lists huge numbers of affiliate offers, is O Digger


A  site similar to the above  Offervault and Odigger, but for CPA offers. Find reviews on the networks from real affiliates, check payout, payout method or options, as well as offers of course.

Affiliate Marketing Offers on Amazon

Amazon used to be THE go to Affiliate starting point, Amazon make it SO easy to write up a review and get links, that show the product, the up to date price (displayed via Amazons own servers) that it really is a no brainer….

That is until last year when the commissions rates fell by a large amount, some up to 50% , making certain products very marginal in profitability.

I had a Kitchen Goods site, the income was only slightly affected, but things like electronics  tumbled in pay-outs , many affiliates made the decision to go elsewhere to start their sites.

If you’re going with Amazon, there is still a decent 10% commission rate in  the Fashion Niche with Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches and Luggage.

Also a 7% rate in the Furniture, Home Improvement, Home, Kitchen , Paio, Lawn & Garden and Hand Tools niches.

It is still probably worth going after the Pet Niche or Beer/Wine, Baby, Grocery, Beauty, Health & Personal Care or Stationery Supplies at 6% commission. 

Affiliate Marketing Offers on Clickbank


Clickbank is still one of the leading Offer Sites for Affiliate marketers with thousands of offers. They have their own offer rating ” Gravity” which gives a figure based on how many marketers have successfully sold the product over the last few weeks. Typical values for new offers are below 10 and the top offers can reach 500 or more.  You shouldn’t try to promote the top offers without experience and a good Ad budget as the space is very competitive.  I would recommend a gravity score of 50 to 100 only if you are new to Affiliate Marketing.

Clickbanks one major advantage for beginners is its author’s marketing materials for each offer. There are some great resources for affiliates, usually, email swipes, images, videos, and buyers-testimonials. The most popular way the product vendors use on their sales page (conversion pages)  is the VSL ( video sales letter ). 

Some of these especially in the Health-And-Fitness niche are quite frankly a bit cheezy and formulaic.  However, there is no doubt that the experienced CB vendors do a very good job of converting leads sent from affiliates, into sales. 

If you’re a Clickbank fan, there are a couple of online resources CB Snooper which gives some analysis on CB’s offers which might help you choose well ( or at least avoid the weaker performing ones. 

And CB Engine which is similar but allows more filtering to help you choose a good product, but the free version is limited, so there is a paid version @ $27 if you like it.

affiliate marketing offers from JVZoo


JVZoo is a well-established network. The focus of JVZoo is primarily software and mainly tools for affiliate marketing. It differs from Clickbank in that users have to apply to the vendors to be accepted into the promotion.

Vendors will naturally want affiliates with experience, so if you have had some success online promoting products, even if not with this platform, mention it when applying.

You should choose products with a good base of sales and more importantly a low rate of returns.  On the JVZoo site there are statistics available about each product, giving sales, price, commission and returns. A good number of JVZ affiliates jump on upcoming launches, using the Munch-eye site, which lists the launches and marks the ones by vendors with previous successful products.

With all affiliate products, filter out the ones with obvious problems or low quality, using the stats provided and the Muncheye site, have a look too at reviews by genuine users, to avoid a lot of wasted effort. Unfortunately JVZoo and  Warrior Plus have a lot of what I call loophole marketing offers, which you want to avoid at all costs if you value your reputation!

Most affiliates on JVZoo are familiar with the type of product. As there is very little in the way of affiliate promotion help pages, actually promoting the product will involve a lot more research for you. In  this respect, Clickbank is way ahead as all the leading vendors provide resources like sample emails, affiliate banner ads, video sales letters and various other copy for you to use or gain an understanding of the product

affiliate Marketing Offers from Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus

Much of what I said for JVZoo, goes for Warrior Plus too. Payments are regular and quick. Products are centred on Affil Mktg software. Vendor approval is required before jumping in to promote a product. There aren’t many products with any sort of marketing resources available.

Applying to be an Affiliate on Warrior+ or JVZoo

Vendors like to know that you aren’t going to waste their time, acknowledging that you are a complete beginner, may be the honest way to go, but don’t expect to have much success.

Contact the Vendors BEFORE you apply and ask some relevant questions, do include any websites and any experience you have had, in any discussion and you will fare much better.



If you are new to affiliate marketing, my advice would be to take a route that has as much help as possible, in the form of available resources. This will make the composition of your promotions so much easier. 

Remember your reputation IS important, developing a brand and building trust are the quickest way to long-term wealth, though many try their hand at lower quality, easier targets at first. 

There is as much work building a successful promotion for a low-priced product as there is for many higher-priced ones, but the profit margin, in the end, is way higher for the higher-priced project. So don’t set your aim too low. The outcome long-term is also better for your brand.

My advice, if you have no experience is to go with a Clickbank promotion first, then work directly with a product maker if possible and stick with higher-priced products. 

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