How to build great pre-selling Landing Pages

Building Landing Pages that pre-sell, is something that an affiliate does many times over for each promotion, so it pays to have a good landing page builder that you are familiar with, to build with. Also known as a ‘Bridge Page’ and there is one special type – the ‘Optin’ Page.

Typical Affiliate Promotion

  • Advert – Get the viewers Attention
  • Landing Page – Whet their appetite
  • Sales Page – Make the sale

Each of the above has its own separate function. Each should have only ONE purpose

What is a Landing Page?

These differ in several respects, from ordinary website pages

  • They may be  temporary
  • There may be several versions
  • They don’t need SEO
  • They will not have internal links
  • They don’t appear on the site navigation

A landing page is part of a campaign, paid or free, so it can ONLY be accessed via the campaign Ad or Banner or by some other link.  It is not normally accessed through your website,  although, you may decide to make one version into a web page later.

Ensure your LP has only ONE purpose, no links  or distractions to stop your prospect progressing to the next step.

You may notice that my site has Google Ads on most pages. This is a simple earning strategy that most marketers adopt. On your Landing Pages though – turn off the Ads – it is important that there is no alternative exit ! 

Use Different Versions

It is ideal for testing, WordPress provides ways to clone pages, I like to use the “post duplicator” plugin, which will then add “duplicate post”  as an option in your “pages” panel.   In this way you can test each section – Headline, Post Image, Layout, Background and content text, making slight changes in each one.

You can then set up your tracker to show different Landing Pages to each incoming click and eventually, the figures will show you the most popular version.

Why Use a Landing Page?

This is  MEGA important ! 

In this example, the Facebook user clicks an Ad and is taken FIRST to the Bridge or Landing Page

Many platforms, in fact, most, do not allow you to direct-link to an affiliate product. 

Reputation is everything and unfortunately, many inexperienced affiliates use very low-quality means to try to sell stuff.

For instance, FB completely banned ‘before and after’ pictures, commonly used in the Weight Loss niche and will take really drastic action if you do. You are likely to get your Ad account shut down.

So – Get into the habit of making landing pages, it is not difficult. 

Another advantage, if you are advertising on a Social  Media platform, is “warming up the traffic”, in other words, readers on the platform, who are there simply to check out their friend’s posts, are not there to click ads, so they are considered to be “COLD” traffic. 

Facebook and other platforms provide great targeting to enable you to only show your ad to the best audience, but even so, by using the landing page, you take the cold traffic and warm it up, by showing them a little about the problem and the possible solution before introducing them to the promoted product. 

Key Tip:

If you are running a Clickbank product campaign from say a blog post or ad to the landing page – just talk about the problem and possible solution.  Let the Clickbank vendor Sales page do the actual selling. CB vendors spend a lot on top copywriting to get their conversions up.

Landing Page Themes

By this I mean the look-and-feel of the page, the color scheme, the font and the general layout, should match the Sales Page.

Have a look at some big sites like Walmart, Tesco, ASDA, Currys …etc.  Look at the color scheme. It is repeated throughout their sites.

You need to theme your own landing pages to reflect the Sales Page it is going to link to: 

Color scheme of the Sales Page is dark blue on Light Blue background

Because you need to make a Great Impression

Get Your




My Landing page reflects the Sales page color scheme

List Building Landing Pages

Another important function of a Landing Page could be to collect those prospects email ( and name ) so that you can market to them on an ongoing basis.

This type of LP is called an Optin Page.

Be sure to  comply with CAN-Spam and Privacy laws with a  link shown to your policies.

Best Landing Page Builder

There are many candidates, some free and some paid. 

WP (WordPress) own page editor is less than useless for anything other than plain text. You DO need, much more control over object position on your page, than WP gives you.

I would not encourage any newcomer to spend$99 or $299 a month on Clickfunnels from the start. Although it is a nice system, look around and you’ll see reports of unfixed problems and …. no autoresponder? Come on CF get your act together!

There are several Essentials, with IM (internet Marketing )   A page builder and  An autoresponder are top of the list.

In keeping with the rest of my recommendations on this site, I can say Elementor (free version) has everything I need. There are a plethora of training videos out there on YouTube for Elementor, including Elementors own video series. Integrations with autoresponders in most cases are very simple, there are WP plugins available from most of the big companies, like MailChimp, Sendinblue, Aweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign…… etc 

Divi is a good page builder which has very similar functionality to Elementor with perhaps more templates. Is it worth a monthly fee? – maybe. 

Kartra has a decent page builder and may be worth considering as you grow and gain some success. It is a complete Business builder software and has an autoresponder built-in.


Landing Pages are very different to the rest of your blog pages, they serve a single purpose – without distractions – no sidebar – no menu –  no option but the one you want and a clear CTA call to action.

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