How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website

In this section…

..find all the top tricks and tips for building an Affiliate website that will pay you month in month out.

Finding a Great Domain Name. Hosting your site on a Fast server with good customer service when help is needed. How to plan a series of posts that will attract potential customers by ranking in Google

Find the best way to write each post to rank it on page one. How to use Pinterest and other Social Media to get readers to your blog. Make money with Affiliate Marketing on your pages and Google Adsense Ads

First the all-important selecting a Niche,  

 Don’t go too narrow, you may run out of subjects to blog about. Don’t go too wide, the competition will be too fierce.

Choosing the right Niche


The right Niche is so essential, take your time to consider all the possibilities, the competition, the ways you might monetize it later on and your own interest in the subject – can you keep going – for years?

Now find a Great Domain Name.  Hosting Services review and building out your WordPress website 

Domain Names

Your business may be around for many years to come  –

Finding the perfect Domain Name for your business


How important is it to have good hosting? Avoid problems later on.

Check out the top hosting platforms


It powers a third of the web. How to put a WP site up and build out the essential pages

How to build your Website

To make the best start possible, only write posts or articles on carefully selected keywords. These are radically different when writing the first twenty posts, to the best keywords for an established site.

Great Blog Posts – 

What must you include, what’s the ideal length of a post.

What are the key points


how to find keyphrases and topics that get the top rankings and the right traffic for your blog

Keyword Research

Beginners :

Start your blog well with

Zero Volume  Keywords

Fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail….

Planning makes ALL the difference, there is nothing random about success. So don’t just write on any topic, pick well, post everything in order and organize your site for the search engines.

Studies show bloggers who adopt the principles here, can shorten the path to a good income from their blogs by months or even years!


Plan your Blog well, cover all the necessary topics in logical clusters.

Help Google to rank your posts


Authority is earned when Google sees you have shown consistent expertise in your posts.  

An authority site is one readers can trust


Links are still THE most important factor Google uses to rank websites. 

Set up and make links the right way

You’ve shown Google how your site is organized.  Don’t forget your visitors are human! Build a good human site-navigation system for your visitors. 

Pinterest can be your best way to get a truckload of visitors early on in the development of your blog, learn how here.

How to use email marketing – as your back end sales funnel

Site Navigation  

The WordPress basic menu system is good. But here’s how to customize it to the next level and make it Great! ( without a plug in ) 

Pinterest Strategy

It can be a huge source of  traffic, for the right niches. find out how to easily gain visitors on Pinterest

Email Lists

Marketers always say the money is in the list, what is meant by this, and- how to build your own email list

Elementor and other page builders can speed up building your site. The 

Planning with Elementor – 

The WP plug in Elementor can be used to produce an easy planning page

Elementor Planner

Landing Pages

These promotion pages are all important for Affiliates, here are the main things to consider

Landing Pages

Table of Contents

Every book has one, so should all your important pages

Contents Tables how to for WP and Elementor pages

SEO search engine optimization – read and digest !!

Blogging in the real life world with a JOB. What you need to be a blogger today


Why SEO is so important? an introduction 

SEO basics

A bloggers life…

What do you need to be a blogger today?

Blogger Essentials

Full-time Job?

Here is how you can do a full-time job AND run a blog


What’s your ambition for your blog?

Want to make $1000 a month, $2000, $5000…. even $100,000 a month from your blog?

Start now

Work Smart. Do the work like an SEO agency. Learn one of the best secrets of the PRO blogging world

Using Templates to Plan