Designrr Tool Makes Great EBooks Instantly

Designrr have excelled themselves with this online tool. Marketers of all types need the ability to publish to pdf or eBook formats all the time.

What Can I do with Desigrr?

Whether you are a copywriter with a company or freelance, affiliate Marketer, B2B or B2C the eBook plays a big part in your everyday activities. 

Internet Marketers frequently give away a eBook as a lead magnet in exchange for your email signup. – Instead of some hastily copied poorly written PLR product, Designrr will allow you to edit and produce a fully ON_TOPIC eBook, fully-featured, with a choice of many great-looking themes, semi-automatically with EVERYTHING fully editable. Even importing,  in just seconds entire web-pages!

How do You Publish eBooks, PDF docs, and Kindle without Designrr?

Before I had Designrr, I used Google Docs, or Word,  but found the positioning of images or text boxes very difficult. There was no means of easily adding a theme to the document and although you can do Titles, Subtitles, Page headers, footers and numbering – all that takes a great deal of time. 

Worst of all, try to edit anything significant on the document and that is a  whole load of trouble. 

Anyway, having composed the doc, I would then save it in PDF format from Word or sometimes use an online converter utility, but that nearly always screwed up my image placement, image sizes, or both. 

As far as I can see, there was a real need for a program like Designrr, that did the whole lot, composition, editing, adding a theme and exporting to pdf format. Plus would have its  own internal format thus allowing rapid editing and adapting of documents. 

I have heard it mentioned that Canva, the well-known image editor online program could be used to produce eBooks! Nope! Even with the patience of  Jobe,  the brain of Einstein, and the Artistry of Van Gogh, I don’t think that is a goer. Canva is absolutely brilliant and I use it every day, but not for large amounts of text content.

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For Business to Business Copywriters

What do businesses thrive on? – LEADS 

One of the main methods is sending out marketing materials in eBook form. A well created eBook as a give-away can increase sign-ups, and potential leads.

It can inform potential customers of new products

B2B copywriters need to write frequently updated white papers for their client’s products, flyers, emails, newsletters, articles, webpages, landing pages, brochures, and sales offer sheets. Quite a lot of B2B work is composing Sales sheets to go out by mail.  There may be multiple Sales sheets for the same product to go to different business sectors. 

Repurposing Already Written Content

Once you have composed a major (cornerstone)  article about your client’s ( or your own) new merchandise and published it on the web, Designrr makes it just a few seconds work to import a section of that big article and publish it as an eBook. Perhaps a section describing the features or Benefits relevant to a particular business.

An eBook can have links in it making it perfect to distribute to potential clients quickly. You not only get traffic to your landing pages but with tracking, can know exactly where your leads are coming from. So much more convenient than mailing a flyer or composing a specifically aimed email.

So copywriters out there, there is no shortage of work! What can you expect to be paid to write for businesses?  I would recommend you go to AWAI website where you can download a  typical price structure for all the various types of copy.

BTW if you wanted to do the same for your own website – Designrr will create the downloadable eBook for you.

One of the main problems of businesses today is finding good copywriters. Finding someone who understands your business and can Consistently produce good copy, results in a great partnership. That business will value the relationship and be very loyal. Just a few clients like that will fill your calendar and make you a very good income writing.

Cut down the amount of work composing these with Designrr’s import and edit features. 

PDFs , Flip-Books and Catalogues

I am from a Technical electronics-based background and Flipbooks played a role in the distribution of new product catalogues, which were always well received.

Here is an example from my own site

The package All-Europe is a satellite installation package with French,German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish TV channels available. It is described and detailed on the page

if you go to the bottom of that article, the eBook created from that page is available to download for my customers.

(or you can download it here )

The same Designrr program will produce a pdf or a flip book.

PDF files are great, almost every office has a pdf editor/viewer program like Foxit or Adobe. The PDF format is a very efficient use of space and is scalable without loss of  quality

Flipbooks are simply the pdf in a slightly different format. The embed code provided by the Designrr program can be used to put your latest product sheets or entire catalogue on your website. Single-button flipping (just click the >  arrow or < arrow to advance through the pages), is very simple and appeals to goods outlets.

A sure-fire hit for busy company managers and in my experience proved to be so with a significant increase in sales.


The Satellite TV Europe “All Europe” Flip-Book

Freelance copywriters

Freelance copywriters using platforms like ‘Fiverr’, ‘Upwork’ and ‘People per hour’ need to be able to speedily produce eBooks for clients’ gigs. Designrr gives you the ability to produce them very quickly from a clients order sheet instructions and specifications.

I would go  so far as to say Designrr’s tool could be the foundation of a freelancer’s main business, producing pdf or eBook formatted documents. See my Freelancing article

Import all the images, your copy text and arrange in stunning visual layouts effortlessly all in one tool.

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This is an affiliate link and I may receive a commission if you purchase, which helps me maintain the website