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If you're a new blog, pick easy winners and get your pages ranked in Google NOW

Research like the pros

Follow the most successful blogging methods used by Income School and Morten Storgaard

Best keywords without the grind !

Keyword Researcher Pro will effortlessly go thru A to Z after you add your 'seed' keyword, leaving you a massive list to filter as you want

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Keyword Reseacher Pro can be installed on ONE or THREE computers, choose the plan for you or your SEO team.

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FAQ for Content Writer

If you are editing in several formats, after putting your article together you may have HTML errors. Perhaps strange characters from a Word doc or unprintable characters, KRP cleans up  your doc in one sweep

All in One SEO and Yoast SEO are popular plug-ins for WordPress, but like any software, it will slow down your site. Instead use the KW optimizer feature to sort out your Keywords within the Title, SlugMeta Description, and Content.  Note that if you do get rid of All In One or  Yoast plugins, do add a plugin for sitemap generation.

KWP indicates whether these have been optimized with the T,S,M and C icons on the RHSide of the KW list.

Instantly check your content – click the keyword icon for each KW in your list, and KRP immediately shows its position within the article as well.

Yes Keyword Research Pro has been designed and developed over many years making it easy for beginners and experienced marketers to get, use, and check keywords , then write articles that will rank

KRP clients say

Keyword Research Pro is recommended by none other than Successful super affiliate, Podcaster, Tutor and Top 7 Figure Marketer Pat Flynn - "One of the best tools to find popular long tail keywords for your niche. Watch the video on the homepage, I promise you'll be impressed." Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income
"I own and use numerous applications to do keyword research. Without question, Keyword Researcher is the most powerful and quickest to use when dealing with thousands of key phrases. This tool saves me countless hours!"
Uri lederman
Knowledge Engineers

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