Laying Out My Articles-to-Write using Elementor

I find the Elementor Header & Footer plugin very useful to PLAN my future posts, and show the overall layout.

Elementor Header & Footer Plugin

One cool feature I use on several of my websites is the Elementor header and Footer Plugin. This is a free plugin, so is available to everyone.

When your site is established, the main menu can become too busy. 

Instead, use the header & footer block to make a full site map, available at the bottom of each page ( this can be selectable too if you do not want it on every page ), leaving the main menu at the top clear and uncluttered.

You could for example just display the main categories and Home Page in the main menu, leaving every single page entry visible only in the site map.

The Articles to Write list is sometimes long and disordered. Create a new Header-Footer.  I call my own version “Planner-Sitemap, it doesn’t really matter since it is not visible to the site’s visitors, it is just for authorized editors, writers, and administrators.

The structure is a simple bulleted list, which may reach several layers in depth. The categories, Groups or Clusters are side by side. Unlike the sitemap itself,  displayed on the bottom of each page,  the Planner-sitemap does not have links.

To Create a list, choose an HTML widget and format the list like this : 


Displayed Column

<b>Page Builder Software</b> <br>
<li>Thrive Builder</li>

Page Builder Software
  • Thrive Builder
  • BuilderAll
  • ClickFunnels

An example:

Note that this is published as “private” and is ONLY visible to administrators.

Building a Business WordPress
  • Setting Up WP
  • Essential Plugins
  • WP Theme
  • Google site Guidance
Page Builder Software
  • Thrive Builder
  • BuilderAll
  • ClickFunnels
Email Marketing
  • Cold Emailing
Your Own Courses
  • Course Authoring
  • Writing a Course
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Teachable
Mentors & Education
  • John Crestani
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Ledgendary Marketer
Traffic Generation
  • Solo Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
-Free Methods
  • Organic SERPs
  • Syndication
  • Social Media
Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Working Direct
  • CPA Marketing
IM Tools
  • Link Whisper
  • Rank Finder
  • Keyword Researcher Pro
  • Similarweb

The advantages of using the Elementor plugin, are the ease of changing the layout and that it gives you a  view of your research. You can answer questions like – is it a good mix, is it balanced, for example, in the planner above – do we need more in the Link building section?

You can clearly see where to put more effort into the site once you have this visual presentation. Although this can obviously be done on a spreadsheet, using Elementor and actually on-site, makes it easier to see and plan, given any space constraints.


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