About Multi Stream Biz

Originally I set up the webiste My-Computer-Tuition.co.uk and I would teach in person in-your-own-home,  various computer subjects.

Later with my own successful experiences with websites, I expanded to teach my clients how to create an internet business through blogging, affiliate sales and social media Channels.

At that point I changed the web name to MultiStreamBiz.com to emphasize the possibility of earning from Multiple Streams of Income. And – I changed the TLD to .com from .co.uk as the site is now relevant to a worldwide audience not just my local area.

About your  Tutor – Andrew Baber

Hi  I’m Andrew, 

Lifelong techy person! 

After 30 years of running a TV repair shop, in a South Yorkshire town, it became apparent that the price of new equipment was so low that repairs just were not viable any more for a couple of reasons. 

First, at the time, in 2007, credit was so easy to get, that customers no longer even considered repairs or a used TV, it was straight down to the discount store and buy New. 

Secondly, the inevitable march of technology meant that Tube TVs had reached the end of the road. But with flatscreens, there were fewer options for repairs, most required a new board rather than a quick replacement part.  Very expensive and much less profitable.

I attended a few Business-Link seminars in our local area, Rotherham and Doncaster. I believe BL is actually still going but no longer able to put on these great events for lack of funding.  

I used some of the ideas from BL  to set up my SatelliteTVEurope.co.uk website from which I built a successful satellite installation business for European channels, relying totally on email inquiries and website visitors.   Those nearly 14 years installing were eye-opening, I met politicians, professors, authors, Footballers, Football managers and even the odd Russian and Ukrainian  Billionaires! 

So you don’t have to be 100% online, but I believe that you DO have to have an online presence. If not, your competitors will steal your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

From 2007 to 13, I had  some success with an affiliate marketing site besthalogencooker.com

After only a month or so of work, building a review site, I was receiving sizeable commissions every month and this continued for many years, even now nearly 8 years later, I will get some payments from sales made from the recommendations I made on that site.

Around the same time, I had completed my degree in Computer Studies and started to book clients to teach, mainly computer basics. But soon I was receiving many more requests for Online Business advice tuition. Clients wanted websites, Advertising, and Social accounts managed, to promote their businesses. This eventually gave rise to this website my-computer-tuition.co.uk ( now multistreambiz.com ) where I advise, coach, and set up courses for entrepreneurs starting their own businesses on-line

2020 and Covid put an end to In-Your-Home tuition sessions, so I only teach online now.  At the time of writing, I am putting together a free course and a paid course for 2021 wintertime.

I would like to Help YOU

My own Dad was part of a generation that never had computers, they just appeared when he retired. I think his pride got in the way, he never had one, but I saw his eyes light up when I showed him things from his past, on the computer.

I recently met someone from Jamaica, his family was concerned about his wellbeing as he had no interest in anything after losing his job. After much persuasion, I gained his interest by showing him on Google maps and Google Earth the beaches and area he grew up in. He made great progress after a few sessions and now has a good job in the travel industry.

There is an enormous number of opportunities in the online world. Either with your own web properties or Helping Businesses with their sites.  Most websites out there are underperforming or completely rubbish and the owners need help

  • Writing Content
  • Writing Ad copy
  • Write and sell an expert course
  • Building your own site
  • Building a YouTube channel
  • Making Affiliate sales

Have a look at the main menu above, follow the “start here” post and see if its for you.

Its also a great brain exercise, you know what they say ” Use it or Lose it ” so don’t delay, get in touch. 


Just use the contact form, tell me a little about yourself and what you would like to achieve..

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