8 Simple Ways to Boost your Affiliate Marketing Results


ONE :  Promote High Ticket Offers

Affiliate promotions take time and effort to research, plan and execute, although high ticket ones are a bit more involved, a lot of the work is the same as for low-priced products. So why choose the low ticket one, if the work is the same or similar? Go for the obvious one, the bigger return per sale.

High ticket sales offers almost always come with more affiliate resources like banners, ads, email sequences, ad copy, and even videos making constructing the promotion a whole lot easier.

If videos are provided, it could be as simple as finding some YouTube channels talking about similar things and starting a Youtube Ads placement led campaign, this can be a huge winner

TWO : go after recurring commissions

This is applicable to any product where a monthly fee is charged or membership is in operation.

Softwares are the main product here. It explains the phenomenal success of programs like ClickFunnels and Autoresponders. This can be the biggest booster to any promotion. With ordinary once-only commissions, your income is based just on sales. With recurring commissions, each month no longer starts from zero, instead, it starts with the recurring part of all the previous month’s sales income. You can think of it in a similar way to mortgages and other accumulating resources.

A Typical Example: This Offer Pays a commission of 50% of the value of the initial sale and 30% of the previous month’s fees, each month.

Month 1
50% of Sales

Month 2
(50% of Month 2 Sales) + (30% of Month1 Sales)

Month 3
(50% of Month 3 sales) + (30% of Month 2 Sales) + (30% of Month1 Sales)

Month 4
(50% of Month 4 sales) + (30% of Month 3 Sales) + (30% of Month2 Sales) + (30% of Month1 Sales)

So you can see how fast this accumulates, compared to just the sales.

Each month your income can contribute to more Ads and more landing pages in Social Media etc.

The best programs to promote here are obviously the ones that users stay with long term. Ideally, it should be difficult for a user to change from one program to another as their data is all tied up with their chosen program. Good Programs are:

  • Funnel Builders
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Page Builders
  • All in One web solutions

THREE : programs with Brand bidding Allowed

This is a special case. It applies to Ad promotion, primarily with Google Ads, and ensures an Easy Win.

When first checking out a new affiliate offer, note what methods can be used in promotion. If you go for a Google Ads Campaign, check Search is allowed and see if you are allowed to bid ( Google Ads operates a bidding system) on Branded Keywords.

Usually, companies have their own Google Ads running and obviously don’t want a bidding war. But not Always! Some don’t mind branded keyword bidding and don’t have their own campaigns running.

Imagine getting YOUR Ad appearing before the official company website in the SERPs! 

Competitors like to put their ads in here, pulling visitors to their own products, but YOUR Ad is the most relevant to the search intent, whereas their Ad is talking about a different product so it will have a lower quality score ( Google Ads metric). It should be possible then, to beat the competitor in this special situation.

FOUR : Long Term Projects

Remember always be building assets. Your long-term goal should be to build up multiple streams of income.

Having done the work to promote the product, you want it to be around a long time, raking in those commissions for months or years to come, with very little ongoing work from you.

So forget the “loophole” exploiters type offers. These usually stop working after a few months or even weeks, you want something concrete and long-lasting like an email service, people will always rely on a good autoresponder to get the messages out.

FIVE : The Best or the Cheapest  Only

Surprisingly the best campaigns are always those which promote the best product and for the cheapest product.

So if you do your due diligence and find that despite the price ClickFunnels is THE best funnel builder, go for it! Good Affiliates go for the best tools.

Similarly, there are beginners in every niche, especially in Make-Money niches. They can’t afford the best, they do know about them but are only prepared to spend a little on a cheap but OK product to start with. 

Sometimes the promotion might do both – one to start with and one to upgrade to later.

The ones with prices in-between never seem to do as well as the Best or the Cheapest, so simply stay clear of these, there are often tens of possible products to choose from in these popular categories.

SIX : Group Things Together ( this is for Article Writers )

The old trusty sales technique of offering multiple similar things is as good today as ever.

In the typical blog, you will write a helpful article about the products and compare them, providing an affiliate link to the sales page for each one of course.

Examples: in my satellite business, for receiving German TV, there are many different satellite receivers that will work perfectly well. Some are cheap and basic, some are well made and a better long-term investment and some include a subscription and Top Branded box.

I make different amounts of profit selling each one.  The usual result is you will get a sale of the cheaper box, but sometimes they will opt for the second or Top Offer. Do not offer only one item, Make the effort to put forward at least three different offers, customers might wrongly assume you only have one.

If you sold tents, a good article to send your prospects to would cover, (and promote ) the best tents for:

  • family camping,
  • for windy conditions
  • quickest to assemble
  • tents for wet conditions
  • for hot conditions

and you could add HELPFUL content about

  • durability of the tent
  • construction materials
  • what the professionals use and why.  
  • how to look after your tent after a trip.

So always try to promote a group of things if you can, rather than one unit. BE HELPFUL – Overall you’ll make a lot more sales.

SEVEN : Get in Early

If you lookout for the launches of big new programs and manage to get in at the beginning, before the expert marketers do, you stand a much better chance of being successful.

EIGHT: For beginners

Always start with a two-pronged attack with both Ads and Blog Articles, to promote your products. Although the blog approach will have fewer running costs, it does take a long time to rank a new blog.

Affiliate networks like Cj and Affiliate Window expect you to make some sales within your first few months and may disable accounts where nothing is happening. 

Done right, Google  Ads do work, and need not be too expensive, you just have to keep the Quality score up, track everything, and AB test like crazy!

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